Dance Class Desriptions

Burly Q™
Burly Q™ is an old nickname for "burlesque". This class is wonderful for beginners or anyone who wants to move in a sexy, girly, pretty and confident way! It's not "how to do burlesque performing and take off your clothes", but rather, burlesque-INSPIRED choreography. The teachers have been experienced burlesque performers as well as choreographers, so the dances are reminiscent of the old fashioned burlesque cabaret, but with a hip modern take on it. And it's taught with love, humor, and respect. If you are curious AT ALL, come and try it. It's a blast whether you are a new dancer or a seasoned vet! See Schedule For All Times.

Cardio Funk
This high energy dance workout will certainly allow any level dancer (or non-dancer) to get their groove on. Repetitive but funky hip hop moves set to hip hop music designed to get you dancing without even realizing you are working your hiney off. You'll leave class sweaty, smiling and having danced. Eat bananas, though, because your legs will be sore the next day!


This class will have a warm-up and an extensive dancer's stretching session, core strength and balance segment, and then a Teacher's Choice segment! This will involve technique of some kind., whether it's performance technique, how to add character into your dancing, straight up turns and jumps, etc. Then, it may be applied to a short combination for you to rock over and over and finally end with a relaxing cool down. ANYONE can take this class. Check it out.


Modern/ Contemporary
Modern/ Contemporary Dance is the first true American form of dance and began as a way to break away from the conventionalism of ballet technique and the formality of ballet movement. Modern dance is anything and everything the choreographer wants it to be. Movement and ideas are challenged in class as we find new ways to move our bodies in space. This class is designed to heighten and train core skills such as coordination, memorization, musicality, kinetic awareness and performance skills.

Flex & Funk

30 minutes of toning your bod, and 30 minutes of dancing the fat off!

The first half of this class is a fitness session designed to give you the strength you need to move your body around the dance floor, and sculpt those gorgeous muscles of yours.  All the exercises are activities you can do anywhere, anytime, so that you can get a "leg up" on your fitness goals this year, but let's face it... most of us exercise better and more consistently when someone else is bossing us around and pushing our boundaries. The second half of this class is 30 minutes of heart-pumping funky hip hop cardio to make you feel like Stella getting her groove back. By the time you are done being funky fresh, you will have forgotten all the lunges you had to do in the first half! Vega owner, Evie, is a two-time mom (so if she can do itand comes with a fitness background to teach this class in a way that is non-threatening and challenging at the same time. Come on in and work out, listen to some cool music, and leave with a stronger sense of self and the knowledge that you, too, are kick-ass.  See Schedule For All Times.


*P.S. It's okay to be late! If you don't get off work until five, but still want a good workout, join us when you can!

Hip Hop
We have levels for everyone in this class, and our great selection of teachers allows us to offer several styles of this popular genre. Explore your options and find your favorite! See Schedule For All Times.

Hip Hop Cabaret
Think Pussycat Dolls here. Cool, funky hip hop moves with a flourish of attitude and girliness. Dress in what makes you feel fierce and join us in this class chock full of attitude. See Schedule For All Times.

This gorgeous class will fill your soul with its emotionally charged choreography set to the lyrics of the music. This class has a wonderful energy to it, and leaves our students feeling proud and beautiful. See Schedule For All Times.

Pump Up The Jazz™

Street Jazz
Awesome, fun thrashy routines with a little less technique and tricks involved. One of our most popular classes! See Schedule For All Times.

A great way to get yourself ready for an audition, or teach your body new ways of moving, or simply to brush up and use in conjunction with our Jazz and Lyrical classes. This class focuses on proper dance technique, flexibility and core strength.See Schedule For All Times.

Tease &Tone™
This class is the BEST class for dance beginners, or anyone wanting to get a teensy bit sweaty and look sexy doing it! 30 minutes of cardio and toning, and 30 minutes of learning an easy, striptastic dance routine! See Schedule For All Times.

Technique Brush Up
This is for people who have a basic knowledge of leaps and turns so there is less explaining necessary on behalf of the teacher, leaving more time for warm-up, training and critique, and then applying what you learn in a short combination at the end of class. This class is one hour, and is drop-in based just like the rest of our classes. This is a great class for people who want to hone their skills, or brush up on technique for auditions (it's that time of year again!). You do NOT have to be advanced at all, just maybe know the vocabulary and the ideas already. See Schedule For All Times.

Burly Q™, Pump Up The Jazz™, And Tease & Tone™ are TradeMarks of Vega Dance+Lab™