We added more classes for you! Plus, you can now enjoy a Sunday Slowdown - every Second Sunday of the month! New Schedule begins Friday, September 8!



We are happy to announce an evening class with Kindell! Intermediate Hip Hop Monday at 8:30. Latya will be rocking those heels for her Hip Hop in Heels class on Fridays at 7:30 (in addition to her Monday Heels class)!

Sunday Slowdown:

Every second Sunday of the month, starting in September! Unwind and get your mind right for the week ahead in this sexy, yummy, stretchy block of delicious classes. These fall under regular classes and no extra cost or registration is required.

5:30p Foreplay with Danial

Be kind to your body after a long week and busy weekend. Take an hour to relax and ease that tension from your muscles. This is a gentle, full body stretch class that will work for ALL body types... whether you are a seasoned stretcher, or have never touched your toes.

6:30p KittyKat with Jenny

Sexy and rife with femininity, this class will help dancers feel comfortable in their own skin and empower you all to feel strong and confident in who you are. It's designed to be easy-to-grasp, without being overly technical or intricate choreography. Basically, anyone can do it! Treat yo' self.

7:30p Bedroom Therapy with Kindell

This is a hip hop version of KittyKat with a little extra nasty sprinkled throughout. Make it part of your nightly ritual before crawling in the sheets. You and any human bedmates will be thankful.