Welcome to Vega Dance+Lab

In 2004, under a bridge in an old brick warehouse on the industrial east bank of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, a vision was born. Through a row of narrow windows, light streams in and music pours out. Inside, people dance. This is Vega Dance+Lab, a home for many dancers of all levels, ages, and walks of life. A place where adults can dance with confidence and enjoy a nurturing environment, fostering community and fun before individualism and competition.

Vega Dance+Lab is a drop-in style dance studio for us grown-ups. Vega provides an atmosphere where adults can feel comfortable dancing without kids or tweens, where sometimes an occasional (and accidental) swear word can slip by in song lyrics, where we can have sexy dance classes like Tease and Tone and Burlesque without feeling inappropriate, and where we can all laugh at ourselves and dance without being self-conscious.

Classes at Vega Dance+Lab are special. Evie and the teachers she hand selects don’t just teach steps, they create chemistry. The choreography, the music, the instruction and the students combine into a rewarding, and joyous experience. Class at Vega is always fun. It’s often inspiring, and sometimes it’s downright profound. Experienced dancers can be challenged. Beginning dancers can feel accomplished. Even people who are convinced they can’t dance, discover the truth: they can dance. Dancing is for everyone, and everyone has a place at Vega.

Class Pricing

Drop-In $15
30 Day Expiration Class Packages
4 $39
8 $68
12 $93
60 Day Expiration Class Packages
4 $48
8 $82
12 $114
16 $142
20 $167
24 $189
Unlimited Packages
Unlimited 30 daysexpires 30 days from first use $126
Unlimited 60 daysexpires 60 days from first use
Half Year Unlimitedexpires 183 days from first use $400
Unlimited 1 yearexpires 365 days from first use $750

Give Us A Call

Studio Office - 503-753-9976


1322 SE Water Ave., Portland, OR 97214 

How Vega Works

We are a drop-in studio. You do not have to “register” for a specific class that starts at the beginning of the month and ends 4 weeks later. You may simply buy a package of classes and use them any way you would like until they are used up. Everyone taking class has a profile with us, and you simply have us add classes to your profile as you wish, and sign in at the front desk when you arrive to class so we can enter your attendance and update your classes remaining.

We are an adult-based studio.  Our general age guideline is 16-ish and up. This is to give all of us adults a place to dance with our peers. There are handfuls of studios catering to the youth set, and not a lot of places just for us. So we want to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and feel young! The average ages of students attending classes here range from 20-s all the way to people in their 60's. Also, sometimes we swear, accidentally. And we won't pretend that there is zero twerking here. There might a twerk, or two. 

Not all things, however, are black and white, so if you turn 16 tomorrow, and want to come to class tonight, knock yourself out.